Time for a new outlook on marijuana

time for a new look with marijuana The Kentucky General Assembly made history last week. For the first time a bill to legalize marijuana for medical use advanced when, in a 9-5 vote, HB 350 authorized the Committee on Health and Wellness Home. Last week, the Senate Health … Read more on Lexington Herald Leader
difficulty costs Kentucky kids keep popping up It seems important for twins Harrison Kentucky to determine wipe off accounting. They are freshmen, all right. Together, they played 1795 minutes wearing Kentucky blue, including a combined 77 Thursday night 71-67 … Read more on SportingNews.com

Former Miss Kentucky have Out Blog: “I feel bad” Former Miss Kentucky May Out Blog Post: “I feel bad.” Djuan Trent chose out of cupboards in response to the decision of the court in Kentucky to recognize marriages out of state same sex. posted March 3, 2014 at 6:04 p.m. ET. Sarah Karlan … Read more on BuzzFeed